For those who want to lose weight

For those who want to lose weight naturally here are a few tips.

  1. Avoid carbohydrates i.e bread, chapati, mandazi, pancake etc. Instead eat boiled sweet potatoes, pumpkin, nduma etc.
  2. Avoid sugar. Sugar is a big contributor in weight gain. If you can either substitute it with honey (Use naturally extracted homey, avoid ile ya supermarket too much preservatives). A better option is to take porridge instead and take it plain without any sugar.
  3. Avoid junk food i.e pizza, burger, chips, fried chicken. If you want to eat chicken then boil it the traditional way and eat it.
  4. Avoid sugary drinks i.e soda, afia and other drinks since they contain too much harmful sugars and preservatives. If you want to take juice buy a fruit from the market, get a blender, blend and take the juice. It contains natural sugars that are good for the body even for diabetics.
  5. Take long walks daily. Give yourself a target. Start with something like 2 kms daily increasing slowly to something like 6-10kms. Walk slowly. No need to spend money in a gym.

After 6 months you will see the results. Thank me later.

Sisi wenye vitambi tukae wapi? Haujataja beer, so we good?

Why live such a miserable life trying to add two years to your peasant life?

Not everyone has a desire to be fat like you. Let everyone decide for himself.

Boiled sweet potatoes, pumpkins, ndumas are also carbs
Honey has fructose… Fructose- >non alcoholic fatty liver disease
Porridge and juice is a no no… Drinking calories is a surefire path to obesity.
And no such thing as a “good natural sugar” to the body… Sugar is sugar

And muscle gain has a host of benefits from improving basal metabolic rate to increasing longevity… At least do some resistance training even at home

  1. Cardio
  2. Cardio
  3. Cardio
  4. Calorie counting+IF

Basically go Keto and OMAD

mindset is the key

Deadass B.

As long as I take my evening walks, for at least two hours… then am good

Yes younare good to go man. People under estimate the importance of taking simple walks. They are really helpful.

I don’t want to be thin and pathetic

Basically go Keto or OMAD

But you’re already thin, thinner than a HIV victim. Maan you’re so thin if I give you a proper slap on your back you risk vomitting your lungs and kidneys. Tell me something Chief Mbuta, are you thin coz you’re extremely broke, miserable and frustrated or it’s just your genes? Becase the internet never forgets

I added some real weight my little brother. By that time I was 64kg but I have managed to push it to 73 through diet and exercise.

get a bike, those two hours on it are equivalent to a whole ass day walking

nasio nduthi

Is that so? Will definitely do so

At 5’6 or whatever your heigh was, that must be very good.

True. I want to push it to 80 by the middle of the year