For those who miss moi

In 1985 foreign music was banned on the only national broadcaster. Tabu Ley had to appease Moi by composing a score for him.

Inaonekana tabu alikukua amejionea tabu

It was not exactly a ban, just a presidential sentiment that people took seriously. You may also want to know that a similar sentiment discouraged Indians from going into matatu business. And no, I did not hear this from a third party. I was alive then.

What happened to Indians and Matatu business

Moi an off the cuff remark during a presidential speech where he said "wahindi wawachie waafrika hii biashara kidogo kidogo ya matatu."And that was it.Not exactly an official presidential directive.Just a minor remark that people chose to obey.


Would the said Wahindi, have the skills to, Navigate the murky matstu business ?

It was much more ordered then. And a few were aready in.

It would jave been interesting to see how? They would jave navigated the cartels ? Maybe, by today, the industry would have been digital.

During those days hakukuwa cartels.That was when the conductor would be your classmate’s father, and a respectable figure. Na KBS were the main mode of transport in the big cities.

Wale waliangusha KBS, Mungu anawaona…mkiwa hapo na @Female Perspective baada ya kukanyaga sheppart na gari.

I think it would have been more orderly .they would just invest and employ the Africans int it

naskia Kanda Bongoman alikamulia Moi slay queen Catherine Kasavuli Moi akamuweka ndani ya Somali airways mpaka Zaire

quani iqo nini!!!

Niaje QamQuot?:slight_smile:

That ticket machine thingy was so fascinating for me then. Enyewe i agree with @introvert about KBS . I miss those buses.

His word was law.

There once lived a man called George Thuo.

Hahahaha. Na vile watu walikuwa wanafinyana?

Saa hio nilikuwa nachenga conductor ndio nisilipe fare… I was in primary and I needed that money more than the government.