For those who know a thing or two about the ML series by Mercedes Benz

Since late last year i have been thinking of disposing the Navara …

At first Nissan Regulus was on my mind.

Lately though, i am loving Mercedes ML 350 or 430 …i feel the 270 which ofcourse has a 2700cc engine would be underpowered.

So now the thing is, what are your opinions of this SUV?

Buddies tell me that these MLs suspension ni expe mwenda… A story has been told vile a buddy of a buddy spent 200k+ on suspension alone

Pona mkundu bila kusumbua sponsors.

nikirudi from Scandinavia lazima ninunue ile Merc ya ray donovan

hio Mercedes Benz ni ya diesel?hubwer

“i feel the 270 which ofcourse has a 2700cc engine would be underpowered.”

I have two friends who own such cars. A 350ml but they’re 3.2 v6 td so 270 may not necessarily directly translate into the cc’s.

One’s car is always going into limp mode - not sure why. He has to switch it on and off as he’s driving. I’m sure he’s sorted it by now.


Kuna variants za diesel …ofcourse for me its always diesel

Naskia service ni manageable

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Hiyo gari ni takataka afadhali hiyo Datsun unaendesha saa hii.

unaenda lini omwami?


nikwega waitina uyu

peana areas which contribute to the final result of ‘takataka’

Not reliable
Considered more of a city sleeker than a SUV
Expensive to maintain

siwes ambia talkers but nitawa surprise na quadrijoint kwa clitoris ya momo mrussia


Sisi watu wa Nissan Vanette tuna kaa wapi?

If you want to drive an ML 350 and you are afraid of a financial dent of Ksh 200k, then you don’t belong. Cheza ligi yako Wariah. People driving such cars have bigger things to worry about, not spare parts and suspension.

Whichever your status, you have to think about spares. Unless you are a paycheck-only kinda person. To a business person, that 200k …kuna biz that would benefit with that 200k injection.

Your comment would be beneficial if i was complaining about fuel consumption.

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utaoleka lini 40 year old toddler