For those who do not believe in Climate change, this here is for you-all

Physicist Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom are very passionate when it comes to this topic

The only climate change natambua are the climate change trainings and workshops nikienda tu kukula hefty per diems:D:D

Manze tupe coordinates

Endelea kujam

you are a human being. you live for less than 100 years. the earth has been around for ages. save yourself, the earth knows how to take care of itself

I also laugh when I hear fools talking about saving the planet. This rock has been here for billions of years and we aren’t the first civilization to inhabit it. MTU angangane na kusave maisha yake na watoto wake but not this piece of a rock.

Huyu labda akupeee bei ya shot mbili.:D:D:D:D:D.

omera tell them!!