For those taking IT related courses, what you need to know in 2016:

This is for guys pursuing a degree in any technological field. Your degree will not guarantee you a job, your skills and certification will probably give you a job. Your degree is only used to separate you from chuff. when i was in my fourth year, had a year to finish campus, i was offered a job opportunity by a certain company in Netherlands, i had only cyber security and BI certifications

Big data, cyber security, cloud computing and Internet of things are some of the filed that will hit the IT sector with a bang this year, guys need to check these fields. 90% of world data was generated in the past 3 years. Many companies like wallmart, now rely on data to manufacture their products, sell their products and even change their products relying on consumers data. The only problem the world have few data scientist, data engineers and few data analysis. learn Haadop and R programming languages.(on high demand abroad) various companies offer certifications at a lower fee. Check Microsoft and IBMs education initiative.

I recently read on this village how script kiddies claim they can do this and do that. In the real world you wont be told to hack a victims account whereas for example i had to skim inside an RFID passport and change the details of the passport holder. Its not only about pentesting only but you need to be informed more about the field, from cryptography, networking to social engineering. Various IT companies offer cyber security courses, il prefer one to have certifications from IBM, Microsoft, SANS to other companies (many hirers prefer from this companies).

Its not all about programming languages, but what can you do with the programming language. Differentiate yourself from other programmers by applying your skills into either cloud computing, cyber security, mobile application development, big data analysis or business intelligence. If you have skills in any of the above five fields and havent found a job let me know, i will connect you…


watu wa self taught je…tuko na bahati?


Nice question

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What about self taught ones do we stand a chance with the IOT ? I’m currently trying to do freelance web dev but I wanted to start an IOT project after I finish school.

If you have skills and you can show them the better.
but its far better if you have a certification… Nowadays you can get a cert from a lots of IT companies. kuna moja inaiita EDX…

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yeah IOT it is self taught…some basic programming and electronics…
and in iot there are very few experts… you will be a hotcake…

Hizo kampuni za Netherlands wanalipaje? Least paid atakama ni mtu wa kuvuta ma cables pale IT room


Dude. Do you stuff. whatever it is. Dont wait for people to validate you and give or deny you a living. If they need you it wont be hard to hook up. You go about trying to show people how much skills you have, all they will do is try put you down.

I would add that learn a skill over certification unless it’s a very specialised skill where it’s required. Brain dumps have really watered down the impact of certifications. I have worked w/ppl who on paper seem to be solid lakini ikifika job ni shida. My last assignment I worked with a guy who’s title was data architect but could not create a sql table.


Umebonga… See the problem with us Kenyans tunasoma IT kama novel… Jus to pass for our degrees… That costs many IT students… Buh I’ve also seen some fellow Kenyans do IT things that I would wanna call tech magic… N honestly most of em are self learners… Anyway tuache kusoma IT kama kitabu n we apply the knowledge n skills in the real world of technology


Wish you could go to some campus n physically talk to guys huko most don’t know such.

@12inchbamboo nikifanya EDX certification on cloud computing nitahave kutafta job majuu ama pia huku watantabua.Coz the main problem huku ni kupata opportunity.

They offered me $35k a year. Though I rejected the offer.

That’s why I prefer like IBM wanakusakia job all over the world. But utafanya majuu ama upostiwe satellite branches in Africa.

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Watu wa IT selftaught ndio kusema in this world…richest and brightest IT entrepreneurs are all self-taught…Hawa watu wa kusoma IT yet hawana interest are really pathetic…I am doing business management yet nafanyia wengine wao assignments na projects…Hata am planning to do IT in the future juu ya hii story


Why work hard for propitiatory certification for employment when you can be a consultant? Pick your specialty and do your shit, desktop apps for windows, oracle financials, CRMs, Web dev, mobile, ERP etc. Making big bucks in IT is so easy if you are cut from that cloth, being lured to employment shows you are a rookie OP.



Siukuwe kama admin ukuwe unajifanya 60 year old man one minute next minute a 30 year old virgin. What a life!

@12inchbamboo I am an IT fellow mainly worked in telecoms but now out of work. Is it possible to do the IBM certifications on BI or cybersecurity here in Kenya? What are the contacts? I need to revamp my IT career. Please help a bro in need. And how are the job prospects when one finishes the certification? Thanks and Cheers!

Wow great post. Very informative. I am more of a web developer though. I think big data is here to stay, and it is something worth studying. IBM is really doing a lot to help aspiring big data scientist.