For those of you who wrote off Gideon Kipsiele Towett arap Kimoi

I had rumors and today’s nation states it. Kipsiele will either be in cabinet or his lackeys. The list Uhuru gave is his part of the cabinet (heheheee many thought Rotich at treasury is a Ruto choice) apart from Keter who is a no-negotiation candidate. Will Isaac Ruto reappear in devolution docket? Sijui. All I know is that winter is coming.

Rotich ni boy wa Uhuru, naskia Nick Salat pia yuko mpangoni, hii maneno inapatia Ruto Jitters.
Ruto better get his running mate and start picking momentum for 2022. The Moi’s and Kenyatta’s are inseparable.
Anyways, as @jaymoh like to say ‘interesting time ahead’.
By the way where is @FieldMarshal CouchP , to give us some insights on the current political landscape.


Jubilee development man ako wapi tupate insights?


Si kule rift tuta kula mapanga 2022 tukicheza?

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That will be Uhuru’s biggest blunder in his government.

Rotich is a Ruto guy, that I know because Ruto has spoken about him personally in Kalenjin. There is no way Isaac Ruto can be in cabinet because of Regional balance. Isaac Ruto is kipsigis and so is Charles keter. there is no way two kipsigis can be in cabinet yet there are some sub tribes of kalenjin such as nandi, tugen and pokot which are not yet represented. And so that you know, Gideon Moi has no any support among Kalenjins, even if he runs and get support from Uhuru or Kikuyu and Ruto also runs, be assured that Ruto will take all Kalenjin votes while Gideon will go drying. Even Gideon himself knows Kalenjin support only Ruto and i know he wont attempt running against Ruto because the narrative that will sell and carry the day among the Kalenjin in 2022 just like the case of Isaac Ruto is that Gideon Moi is being used by outsiders to divide Kalenjin and he will be shunned miserably.


Nick Salat is also a kipsigis just like charles keter. There is no way 2 kipsigis can be in goverment.

Yes Ruto knows Rotich but he also worked with Uhuru at treasury. Bottomline a president must have his fuy at treasury, only work out better for Rotich that he is a buddy to both.
Hio ya hesabu ya kalenjin, ask yourself, did Moi give a hoot about such things in 2002?

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Isaac Ruto is a kipsigis while William Ruto is a Nandi. Isaac Ruto tried to divide Kalenjin by supporting NASA while thinking because kipsigis is 60% of Kalenjin he will sway those votes to NASA but it backfired long time. Gideon Moi tried the same with Tugen community in 2013 and supported Mudavadi and it backfired. Gideon Moi and whoever else Uhuru or so may try again in 2022 and I will guarantee Gideon Moi will go drying because he wont get any support from Kalenjin community. it will backfire long tym. Just watch the space if u dont believe my words. Gideon Moi is an overrated guy by bloggers and media and other people. He does not have any support among the Kalenjin people on the ground for several reasons


Langat Kiprop ashasma.

uhuru haelewi siasa, what does Gideon bring to the table now. he doesn’t control a good number of mps, he doesn’t control his tribe na kupambana na opposition hawezi

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Meat wrappers association in full effect here…



Gideon Moi is actually unnecessary baggage and Uhuru should not bother bringing him into Government.

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I agree with you on Gideon being a lightweight, however I urge caution on writing him off. Remember nobody knew about William Ruto before 2008 PEV and ensuing protests. Five yrs in politics is a long time. In the mean time Ruto alaze kende aache uhuru apange serikali yake, he will plan his when the time comes, otherwise if he wants to co-rule with uhuru he should also retire in 2022

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Gideon Moi is a non starter. He does not know kalenjin language so he finds it diffucult communicating with people. He is an absentee senator who is only seen during elections time. Ruto is very different. He is a good orator and has forged a strong relationship with many kalenjin mps and other outside the community something Gideon Moi does not do. Gideon Moi, Mudavadi and Kalonzo have the same characteristics. They are guys who only want kickbacks. They want people/other politicians to support them without looking for support. Well that won’t work in the now kenya


I see media trying to divide the duo, but all in all they are trying to increase the sales of newspapers


same old 2013 story different dates.

that said, siasa ya kalenjins sio ya kuyumba yumba. gideon is a nobody.

and why would uhuru want another enemy even before raila has been vanquished. he is wiser than that

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Kiti lazima irudishiwe wenyewe.
Remember Moi picked Uhuru out of obscurity and groomed him to be what he’s now.
The battle ahead seems like it will be an interesting one

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2002 Moi held all the power and the move he made picking Uhuru was a bad one. what Uhuru can do for Gideon is very little

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Ruto was a major engine behind youth for KANU 92. He was very active in grassroots politics for a long time, where do you thing he acquired such good mobilisation skills from? he probably had many years working on the ground and has solid networks deep into the Rift valley Region that other Kalenjin leaders don’t have.

The old KANU guards were already aware of his wit and a bit afraid of him.