For those men who got married or are planning to

You need to know the woman you married only married you because you showed stability, both financial and providence; but not because she really loved you.

The person she truly loved was the person she had during 18 to 22 years. During that time the playing field was level, there were no lots of factors to consider. There were no things like financial factors, stability etc. Also she had countless options and the time. It was a stage of exploring, experiencing pure love.

And as a man if you had a girlfriend at that age then it was pure love.

But you find lots of men were single during that stage because a good number of girls their age had had enough of normal relationships and were now chasing after working class guys; they saw no value in dating guys their own age.

So you find such single guys had to wait till they are working class for women to date them/marry them because they now got money.

They marry women and think these women love them. And hence you find marriages struggling. It’s just countless quarrelling, and these women do not show them respect. The bedroom life is non-existent.

Huyo dem kama ungemkatia kama ako age 18 to 22 years angekukataa vibaya sanaa. But because now you’re promising commitment to her, you got a job, you look stable and luckily you may also be rich haezi kataa.

Just for your information, whereas only a few guys age 18 to 22 years could get into relationships with women they wanted, all men over the age of 25 can get married as long as they got a stream of income.

Also if as a man you had a girlfriend at age 18 to 22 doesn’t mean things are fine for you. At that age you had a girl who loved you but now you’re going to commit to a girl who loved someone else.

And of course a modern guy can’t marry a girl they find at 18 to 22 because they just began exploring the field and haven’t had enough.

I have read and seen countless stories of married women cheating with their exboyfriends they had at college. The love at that age is usually explosive.

So any man entering marriage and marrying a person they never found a virgin, just know utakuwa unakuliwa bibi na huyo bibi hakupendi. Ukipata kaswende au mtoto si wako usishtuke

Ukimwona alacho kuku hutamkula…

Vile mturamndom atasema

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Ignorance will kill you

So will time but no matter

Ukweli mtupu

Ukweli mtupu

Asande sana.

Its called being a man,unafikiria kuvaa tight jeans ama trao ya otile na kutoboa masikio itafanya mwanaume kukaa serious hata ukue na hela kiasi gani? Ni pads mtapigania ama lipstick? At 22-25 machali wengi bado wako kwao ama kwa ka corner pale kwa family land,utapeleka dame lodging na kuna ndume ataipeleka bedsita?. The old song “men provide” will always be a hit. Men are generally expected to be strong, aggressive, and bold hata ukijua bibi analishwa kuni nje. Every society, ethnic group, and culture has gender role expectations, but they can be very different from group to group. Its such sentiments that make stable men fear women who are up the ladder hence scavenge for whatever lags behind…pros,hoodrats or easy lays. Did you know that its waaaay easier for a 22yo jobless chap to date a corporate female no matter the age or that lass dating a rich fossil but not the other way round . Where theres providence,humans thrive,see how nigerian men get paraded by their female benefactors pale little lagos? …yeah

FYI kutombewa ni lazma

The girl i had a crush on nkiwa around 18 if i had married her ningekua nimewacha yeye kitambo sana. My standards where so low due to scarcity of beautiful ladies during my time, mimi ushangaa nilkua naona nini kwa dame hizo enzi.

Using your argument even at that age of 18 to 22 there was no love. She would not date you if you had no/lost both arms and legs, you see, she still had stds she wanted a man to meet., and this also applies to men. When it comes to marriage it is more than just attraction, emotional love and money, it is about what brings you together of which is out of control of both of you, that is the availability and capacity of both of you to form that partnership.