For those in the know, how did this end?




Sudanese hukuwa savages. Remnants of the early man.

Where was that and when?

They should be deported. Their lack of education makes them very dangerous to their hosts (Kenya and Uganda).

Wameleta civil war apa … these guys are jokers … kaa unaishi hizo mtaa inabidi umejipaka kiwi ndio ukae moja wao

It’s had to take breading news seriously. Especially in this era of G.M.Os…

Ion, those two tribes should split their country in half.

it ended very badly


hio ndio inaitangwa primitive energy

Mnakemea Sudanese na time ya election mnakuwanga worse, just last yar na mmesahau…Noogle nyinyi!

no no no…we aint perfect but you cant compare…yetu haijafikia hapo

Molo, Naivasha, Burnt Forest, Kibera, Homa Bay (juuzi tu during nominations), Njoro (a few weeks ago Maa vs Kipsigis vs Ndorobo)…