For the tity lovers


What Da Fuq!

One man’s meat…

Nalipa 100 kunyonya hizo tits

Labda wamaanisha Kupuliza kama kibofu?

[SIZE=5]I want to state here and now categorically that those dry flaps of skin above are nothing like @poyoloko 's full breasts![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]And anyone who might try to insinuate, misconstrue or imply anything of the kind tutakosana mbaya. Kindly stop spoiling poyoloko 's good name![/SIZE]

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@administrator tutakuambia mara uban this motherfucker gay

Edit : for the SLIPPERS lovers

Uyu ni urimu

@poyoloko wacha kusumbua CEO. Kama matiti zako ziko sawa kubali yaishe. Wacha ubishi plis.

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Mi ata anilipe siwezi

Maybe huwa zinaamka kama dick

Amechafua cornea

Aki gravity sio nyanya ya mtu


Saitan ashindwe

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show us the pussy, its more important. i dont worry too much about titties when i want to screw a milf, its expected they are dropping… she can get it, but i won’t brag to anyone after hitting it…