For the man

In a relationship, a man should offer leadership.

A woman is the tail.

It is therefore critical that a man should have superior capabilities relative to the woman. This is a prerequisite in all mirroring leader-subordinate associations.

For a relationship to be successful and last a while, it helps for the Lady to see superior things in the man. She should see u as exceedingly intelligent, Super strong and financially capable. Now, this may be true or @Deorro faked.

Who or what is this about?

What if the woman is Alpha here? Doe she suppress her brains to give a man his superiority?

She quits n finds a better man


Would you prefer it in your father’s tongue?


She should look up, not down. There is always a superior male.


An alpha woman can never have a stable marriage !


Hii ni nini?

Eish. Wacha stereotype. There are so many brainy women whose marriage are stable.

they are wise wemen…known as atumia ngatha in Greek

Pole mtu wa turedio I’m rashing to charshi

The Political landscape provides ample proof of this…

Women are a paradox. They are looking for a strong man to care, provide and lead the family but at the same time they were not to be equals in a relationship. Those two are mutually exclusive. You cant have two kings in the same kingdom.

mos def kutakua na msee angongwa macckay anambiwa nisiskie ukipumua umbwa ii!

Thats why they even don’t understand themselves

it all depends on whoever the marriage is composed of…some women are submissive to their men, regardless of financial differences…for others, earning more than her man ata watoto atazalishwa nje



They are allover, full of sex scandals

A subordinate man on whom to exercise her alpha traits?

That is a house of cards…can’t last, can’t work in the long run…women attach for genes or security…but genes has the stronger pull.