For the Love of Baba - Reggae Playlist

Wale wanajua tell him, all I want is a photo with him before either of us dies. Loads of Love Baba Raila Amolo Odinga. Love you more than words can say.

@Jaweed waiting for my cookies cuz naskia kuua mtu leo @Agwambo uko ready kungolewa makende?

Mama yao

Where do you unwind…where do you gym? Or where do you drink…let me know so that i can introduce you to people who will take you to Baba in karen for dinner…you seem to like him

Safisha elders maitho.

And here I thought you’re a sophisticated villager Kumbe wewe huwa mlamba tako.

You see you are such a hypocrite, the other day you said |Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati| na sai unaitisha fagi.

Weed sio mihadarati

You think whatever you want, your opinion of me is of no consequence and I will always love Baba. I have been voting for him through out so lamba Lolo.

There’s a few people I want to kill na Sina guts. I want to eat those cookies and read killing Eve then I get energy to chop 15 people single handedly.

I always knew drugs were bad but dayeem, I had no idea it could drive you to such mayhem.

DM me your phone number. Nafeel ni kama tunaweza kuwa friends especially if you drink or shash

I don’t drink or shish. I am being sarcastic.


So what’s your sin nione kama tunaweza match

I’m obsessed with true crime. Serial killers, cults, forensics, profiling, interrogation techniques and basically anything involving murder.

I’ve watched all movies and documentaries about Jeffrey Dahmer who is my favorite serial killer.

That’s not a sin it’s a passion, unless it somehow turns you on