for the last time

Someone recently compiled a list of doxxed talkers, and mentioned me.

Guys, my name is not “Zane.” Neither is it “Kamau.”

And those pictures circulating are not mine. Otherwise I’d have scrubbed them from the forum kitambo sana.

If you don’t believe me, then look for the guy in the photo and slap him hard :D:D:D. Print the photo and stick it in lamp-posts with the caption “homosexual.” Share the photo in a facebook group and claim the guy is a thief.

I repeat: I give you 100% permission to do anything you want with “my” pictures. Photoshop the face onto homosexual images. I don’t care.

After doing so, ask @Jimit whether he’s carefree enough to allow you do the same with his pictures.

N/B: Siku moja nitatomba @mikel mattercore.

Nobody cares.jpg

Watu waende kanisa watubu dhambi. Hebu angalia this fagget called @Starscream . Guy always licks ice-cream and he is a man. And then after that he goes and buys drinking chocolate.

Here is why we’re having difficulty believing you;

You were signed into a gmail account with the username Zanekamau.

A simple search on social media indicates that the email is clearly linked to “Ted Wairi”.

Either you foolishly exposed yourself, or you are attempting to defame this “Ted” guy.

If this is all an attempt to defame the Ted guy, where would I get the log-in details for his email? Also, if I was planning to defame a guy named “Ted Wairi”, I’d create a fake email with the name “Ted Wairi.” The idea that I’d use a different name associated with his account in the hopes that sleuths will follow the trail just seems… like overkill.

And the idea that I foolishly doxxed myself stands in complete antithesis to known facts. If I ever doxx myself, first thing I’d do is notify the admin, and then I’d delete my account. My profession does not allow me to have my photos floating around the web. Considering that I’m giving you complete freedom to do anything with Ted Wairi’s pictures, do you still believe I’m Ted?

Trust me, there’s only two pictures of me on the internet. And they’re from 2013.

Exactly, where else would you get the login details for the email, unless it’s your personal email address?

Perhaps you assumed members of the forum weren’t tech savvy enough to reverse search the email address and discover all social media accounts associated with it?

Why else would a random email, which you were clearly signed into, be linked to this “Ted Wairi” character?

We know you, we know that you’re a con. Tunakujua sana

linked? No social media account is linked to that email. I challenge you to support your assertations with evidence.

Keying in your email in facebook & instagram presents the following result:


[SIZE=1]Saidia namba ya huyo slay queen hapo slide 2[/SIZE]

so why was the zane kamau email appearing in the screenshot you shared? rather why were you using someone’s email for your online shenanigans? lemmi guess its your personal email. bro wewe ulijidoxx kubali tu hata upeane explanations 1million tunajua zane kamau/ted wairi ni wewe.

Get over it.move on

Kubali wewe ni low IQ you can’t stay anonymous. Kamau kubali ulishikwa makagare you rascal

Kama email si yako then you hacked into someone’s email account

This guy sucks

What is more low I.Q than kulipia malaya rent?

Kuwa mwizi conman who looks like he’s constipated

Bro wacha ujinga. You have numerously confirmed that you are Zane Kamau but later deleted those posts.

Lmao. Thats exactly the same thing you did after you doxxed yourself

Uzo is living in a bubble. Somehow the lad has convinced himself he is the smartest dude around. Huwa naonanga akilike comments that are disparaging meaningful posts. Ndo manaa unaona anafuatana na @mikel kila mahali. He is threatened by people that are smarter than him. Jealous fool. He really cannot believe that people were smart enough to out him out.

Wallahi wewe mjinga. So you think experts pulled those social media accounts out of their asses and randomly linked it to that email address??

The email is his 100% He realized his mistake later on and tried to rectify it by deleting the thread. When that didnt work, he started concocting these stories thinking we are some dumb asses. By the way, he admitted on more than multiple occasions that he is Zane Kamau but retracted when he realized things were getting hot.

Of course the Instagram and Twitter accounts cannot be deleted. He knows 100% thats the surest way of confirming those accounts belong to him.

Here, you admitted that that was you but later deleted those comments

Here he desperately tried to have admins delete thread that was create to discuss his doxing

:D:D:D:D hakuna mahali anaeza hepa huyu msee. ted wairi has already been doxxed.