For the bonobos who still want to marry single moms

This woman is in a happy marriage but still wants some encouraging comments so that she can start sleeping with her ex. I pity her innocent hubby who thinks aliangukia bibi.

Yawn …boring single mothers’ discussion all the time. As if they impregnate themselves.

:D:D:D:D… Ati they’ve learned from the past. Ata kama leo ni Ash Wednesday, wacheni ku-white wash ujinga.

A single-mother deserves her situation and she needs all the loneliness in the world as penance for her stupidity. Any man who wifes a singlemother hatuwes hurumia, the alpha planted the seed now go and water it dumb-ass

Yeah. Sikuwa nimesoma iyo screenshot kabla nipost. Nilicheki tu title. But generally I still stand with my opinion. As for uyo mama ako kwa screenshot, that’s a different case

@byro sai stress tamalisa yeye amekonda kama @Horus …tangu aoe single mom amekaziwa hadi kulogin kijiji

Buda, single-mother is a cunning creature… Guard your empathy/sympathy from being manipulated. Kwa hiyo post, she has already made her decision; now she wants the internet to validate her decision of going back to her England boyfriend.

Unaona mpaka the England bf ame-describiwa that “we had nice sex”, ule mwingine wa Kenya… crickets

Beware of single-mothers, Beware… Hii mentality ya captain-save-a-hoe ndio hukuwa main ingredient ya hekaya hapa Ktalk

Kwani nyau pia hujipeana hivi tu bila dem kujua inakamuliwa?


Silly her. She’s only seeing the mullah which maybe her teacher husband doesn’t have. Unfortunately people don’t know how to choose spouses anymore; many will only look at the outward image or material stuff. However a good character is everything in marriage.

A peaceful home is worth more than silver and gold guys. Believe me.

If I was near her, I’d tell her to go and f**k herself. Chieth kabisa.

Alpha male ghost Zinamsumbua zaidi

She’s haunted by the alpha ghosts as the chimes of the cock carousel beckon her to saddle up and hop on for one more ride. Will she ride the carousel? Will the beta bux husband finally get the red pill he so desperately needs? Find out in the next episode of “Why You Don’t Fucking Wife a Single Mum.”

najua wataka update. niko alive and kicking. Nasumbuliwa na Masters si family

Hang in there. They see you like a fool but you know what you’re doing.

Good luck with your masters programme!