For the bike lovers...

I am looking for an entry level dual sport or adventure bike. Any suggestions?

Price range?

Does UM bikes have a dual sport range of bikes

Yes they do. Last time I checked guys were complaining about parts, support and reliability. I’m not sure if that changed.

I think we need a dedicated thread about bikes in and around country, prices, parts and all other info to those who own or want to own one in due course . or maybe where to source them and things like that.

I have an acquaintance who has had his UM for barely two years (brand new) and already changed the engine block.
They market them as made in the US which is a big fat lie.
You want an entry level bike, get a Yamaha TTR, or XT250, Honda Raid 250 or Djebel or Degree.


shineray ziko

How much would the XT250 cost me?

About two hundred.
God thing is when you’re done with it you can get what you paid for it and upgrade.
I’d go for the TTR or Raid.
There are some in pretty good condition.

What do you think of Honda CRF250l? are they locally available?