For some of you who are labeled as " Village Elders and Senior Villager "

[SIZE=6]no more comments guys. lets stop feeding this troll and attention whore[/SIZE]

even giving girls hot flashes is a service to mankind…

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Kuna mtu hajaambiwa poa

counting… …

@kermit ? ma elders wamekuskia!!! lakini awajakupa like!


‘Raima’ ni primary school? I can’t be that old! Wah!

washeeenz---->atwoli’s voice

nani btn vilage elder na new villager hulipwa mob???

Kama huna kitu ya kufanya…kwenda tembelea cucu ushago juu hakuna tuition.

:D:D:D things escalate way too fast around here

Hii yote ni upuus. Majamaa lazima waheshimu ma-village elders

@Arokaz is right though…the meaningless titles should be based on content and not likes. The niccur just shared his thought and the first comment from some of the said elders ni matusi.

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Arokaz = fundamungai,see his replies.