For sale - Lady driven, accident free, original paint, bank finance arranged

[SIZE=6]A few weeks earlier…[/SIZE]

Hii ndo,bora heartbeat?

Hii ndo refurbished

Kuna ingine nilipata garage ikanijazz mek akaniambia hio gari ilikuwa ya accident ikikuja hapa haungeitamani…
Ogopa mechanic

best TIPS when buying an” accident free" vehicle?

Just import, local ni Frankenstein republic…esp sleek cars.


Very easy to tell an accident vehicle. In the example above, look at the gap on the bonnet. At the top is wide. It’s a repaired bonnet. Or vehicle body. Accident vehicle check.

@Jimit , why is a KCY vehicle from 2005 painted brand new. Accident vehicle sign giveaway. Nobody paints old card and repairs chips unless they are trying to disguise something.

The not soo close fit where the bumper meets the bonnet leaving a bigger than usual gap is a tell tale sign


Mi siwezi kosa kujua gari ya accident hata iwe clean ama saffi aje.

Ukinunua ukiwa na haraka na excitement sanasana new car owners ndio utatombwa. Take your sweet time.