for Raila to be President

We now know that JaKuon knows that he can never win, but elections have provided him with a lucrative source of money every 5 years. That is why he didn’t bother to campaign in 2017.

You cant seek to correct someone who has set very high ‘evidence’ standards in the village. Some errors are pardonable for some people bwana…legends!!

i concur huyo jamaa aliweka wasito njeee

fiti sana mwarimu

2022… main contenders: jakuom and samoei
Minor contenders:
Weta, madvd, gideon. Weta and Madvd may end up supporting one of the 2 major guys, but doubtful as they are trying to achieve Luhya unity (which by the way is a perenial mantra in Luhyaland)
Gideon will probably run as a warm up for 2027 or 2032
Musyoka will most likely run as he has played 2nd fiddle too long and may fear falling into irrelevancy in kambaland

Abdu Dida: non starter but we can watch him for a good laugh

The opposition shot itself in the foot by having that mental weakling as its leader.

The Kenyan voter killed the opposition by voting like sheep along those Ethnic chamas we call political parties.