for Raila to be President

he only need to listen to my idea. no third party, just @Ebru mwenyewe.

hao akina senior council wameishi kumfail.

beste ya beste yake amfikishie haya ya leo.

Kwani uko na kura ngapi?

it’s “COUNSEL not… whatever it is you have written.

RWNEEEBP awache ndoto.

Alifika cannan ?

nimefungua thread nikingojea ebrufication besides the raila shenanigans…VE wacha ku dissapoint…cornea ni chafu:D:D:D

sasa wa-ma-manikin?

Vipi vipi Buda, uko team thuraku damu naona?

Poa omogambi. nimetoka kukusalimia kwa thread ingine…

Canaan ilikuwa Jubilee via handshake.

in the meantime the miserable supporters wamewekwa pending mpaka 2021.

Could be earlier factoring in the succession politics both in the ruling party and the opposition.

there’s no early election. take that to the bank.

2021 wataambiliwa Jerusalem…

However the fallout and alliances will be major probably from unlikely sources.

what fallout? between who and who?

The various opposition parties justling for a takeover of the main official opposition outfit ODM.

non-starters. in my book.

For raila to be president mafuta ipunguzwe

RAO HAS KILLED OPPOSITION IN KENYA…we badly need serious leaders in opposition !