for pink handles

cc @Supu don @Guru



…ancient mentality…

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It was so obvious who the first person to comment will be.

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In their own world

Supu don =Gashwin.
You mention her, she turns up immediately meaning she’s always around but with a different handle and we know Gashwin is always here and recently told admin he has 3 other active handles.


there something about you that excites the woman in me…


good morning to you too…

Soon dear, very soon. Especially now that the Kenyan winter has set in.

I will come thuruari ikiwa kwa kichwa… don’t disappoint… :slight_smile:

:D:D:D:D:D:D While at it, take a photo

Am on it, stocking up on my reserves.

Strictly no nudes.

he has a small dick though :smiley:

Mr. Mathenge you know the rules of the village

:eek::D:D:D Very gay comment


Niaje spax…siuniekee teaser hapo inbox,hata kama ni ya laces for a belated fathers day mkiwa na @Supu don

:smiley: nope, he admitted to it though indirectly

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This particular case doesn’t apply, it’s between me and supu.

Well played. Have a lovely day my lady.

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My principles forbid that, but talk to @Supu don she can do it on my behalf.