For my man:Women, women, women and complicity

Why do women agree to get involved in the murder of their boyfriends exe. This is now the 3rd case I’m coming across recently . Beef between your bf and his exe is none of your business. Hii mapenzi ya kishenzi should stop. Patrick Frazee had a nurse drive for 12 hrs to help him clean up a crime scene after he bludgeoned his fiancee to death to get custody of their infant. His exe a pilot had moved to his home town to be with him but he could not even be bothered to live with her, he lived in a farm with his mom, while she stayed in her town house. You go to so much trouble for a man only for him to bludgeon you, incenerate you, like your life is worthless . Asante ya punda. Architect Fortis Dulos who killed his exe wife Jennifer and mother of his 5 kids and his gf Michelle Traconis helped him dispose of the dismembered parts of her body in different dumpsters and to clean up the blood. Now here is a case where a man wants to kill his baby momma who delivers pizza so he tells his gf to make a fake pizza order to lure her.

Ladies I always tell you that being a ride or die and doing the most for these men can only land you in a pit. Can you imagine driving 12hrs to go help your bf to get rid of a body of his baby momma? Women can be very stupid. Think twice b4 involving yourself in crime in the name of love bcz that is why most women are in jail. As accomplices.

This shit is so rampant that there’s a whole program on ID called for my man about women in jail who were accomplices to their man’s crimes. Jennifer Dulos 50 yr old mom of 5

Crystal Lee in the Kelsey Berreth murder