For Man Utd diehards fans only

Nimeona pre-season hatukuperfom vibaya juu tulichapa several teams including tottenchieth.
EPL ndio hio inarudi August.
What are our chances?
Have we brought in better players?
Nani mwingine tumeuza apart from Lukaku?

Cunt relate, munisaidie ile chura .


Can you add these Bozos to the diehard club of EPL fools?yaani hanging on to Man U…I must take denis to Old Trafford whenever he lands on our shores…his aunt lives there so nitamkuta huko…

@denis young
@kush yule mnono

Kabuda and kush ni wa kale kateam kanakuwanga number four kila wakati.

That’s why you are not tagged, nigga.

No…wacha wakuje waseme kitu.

Btw jana we beat a kateam from Norway 1-0. What shocked were the statistics:
We had 33 shots on target and 19 corners.
Yet we beat the 1-0?

I will watch it MoD. Thengiu…the season is picking up so we are getting excited.[SIZE=1] Kwetu…Stamford Bridge.[/SIZE]

BTW I forgot another MaUnited nignog…huyu beshte wangu @Tommy Lee Sparta …

Fun facts.
Man Utd mostly wins all their pre season games.
Arsenal always start the new season on top of the table.

Yours, long time Tottenham Hotspurs fan.

Despite the odds stacked against us,we won all of our pre-season games. Daniel James ako sawa,AWB is rock solid,waiting for Maguire and Bruno Fernandez tuwe complete. I’m impressed thus far. I think come August when pitted against Chelshieth we’ll be flying off the blocks. Naona Top 3 at the very least in EPL. Watch this space.

Toka hapa, ghaseer!

Btw wanaitwa Chelshit.

if we dont back a CB then we will be doomed. Bruno will be a great addition to the team

this thing bana…! i once saw bayer leverkusen 28 shots, 1 goal. when things amua kubeat my fren zinabeat! hiyo time nimeweka over 2.5 bet ikazama.

Kwanza ilikuwa penaa on 92nd minute scored by @Meria Mata…sorre, Juan Mata.

Lakini kusema ukweli Matic should be relegated to the bench. Mctominay ni Moto Sana hii mid anacheza akiwa na energy. Matic is slow na hawezani na mbio ya vijana.