For lovers of ugali and all things maize/maize flour.


Tano tena you say? Anyway, with the new year fast approaching, this is what we’ll be ushering in as well. An end of the government subsidy on maize.

Iishe! Watu wakule consequences alaa!

Peasant food.

Kisiagi ya Mama Chemu since time immemorial, can’t relate.

Hii unga ya paketi inauzwa tu towns. In rural areas watu wanatambua tu unga ya kisiagi.

by the watu wa tao ndio tu hulia bei ikipanda

Mimi na familia yangu ni wasee wa kisiagi. Do you by any chance own one nicome? :slight_smile:

Are you MISSing Flour?

Wakubwa oneni hii kitu, ati peasant food?? Then you must be surviving on pizza. And you must also last less than a minute and 30 seconds in bedminton

Cassava, man, Cassava.

Isnt cassava planted same way as maize and takes even less cost. Ama inapandwa ndani ya gold?

What kind of question is that? what plant based food isn’t planted?

Am trying to understand just why you called maize flour ‘peasant food’

acha ku-argue na maborn tao ata hawajui venye cassava inakaa.


i miss unga ya kisiagi

I hope govt does it slowly from 90 to 100 and so on. And then that subsidy should be imjected to ease cost of agricultural inputs like pesticides, seeds, fertilizer and animal feeds

Hii mwaka watu wataumia. Freebies zote ni kama zitatolewa. Already nimeona kwa news women will only be eligible for free maternity after subscribing to NHIF.

Did you read the article? The link is right there and addresses what you “hope”. SMDH. o_O:confused:

Anti-cli movement.