For giggles..

President Trump, tired of his recent low approval ratings, called up the head of the CIA and said, “I want your very best agent over here first thing in the morning.”

Moments later, a call went out to the Middle East, and the most gifted American agent was headed back to Washington.

The next morning, the agent was escorted into the Oval Office. The president said, “I hear you’re the best in the business. I can’t trust what my staff tells me. So I want you to visit every state in the union, every major city. I want you to stay out on the road until you have an idea of what the vast majority of Americans would like to see happen in the Oval Office. Understand?”

The CIA agent responded affirmatively. He left the White House and wasn’t heard from for nearly four months. Finally, he showed up early on a Saturday morning, and the president saw him immediately.

The president said, “Did you find out what an overwhelming majority of Americans want done here in this office?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, then, express the will of the people,” the president ordered.

So the agent stood up, made a fist, and punched him in the nose.

Wacha jokes ,he he he

I had posted elsewhere but let me post it also here.
When you go to work and leave your brains at home.



Not funny

yes you are better off with insulting trump than jakuon , this is what i was telling you jana. Stick to this lane where you are good at . its not funny though


You are retarded.

Joe Biden vs Trump.

Joe fired the 1st salvo.
The response.[ATTACH=full]163589[/ATTACH]