for frequent SGR users

which is the easiest way to do your booking? is the line that they gave out for calling when booking via m-pesa still functional?

Again just realized they have very heavy web page but still not working.

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Just call! And find out

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who did this website or rather who provides checkout? is it :

  1. Jambopay
  2. Ipay
  3. Pesapal
  4. Craft SIlicon…

Please let me know

Call the number and redial for about 15 minutes ndio call will go through


I called this number last saturday wakaniambia mpesa haifanyi…I was like wtf mahn

Ulibook via mpesa last time ulitravel?

Yep,but on the day of travel some passengers were complaining that mpesa was not working the previous day

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that website was disowned by Kenya Railways a while back.

Mnajua broker wa tickets. Hazipatikani kwa urahisi.