For documentary lovers (Barbarians rising)
As the Roman Empire expands, it encounters local populations that it considers ‘barbarians’, who fight back, effectively and savagely, dealing Rome one blow after another. Hannibal, Viriathus, Armenius, Spartacus and more strike back against Rome, some from without and some from within. See their struggles, their motivations, and the outcomes as these indigenous people’s fight for survival, revenge and justice.

Episode 1 will give you the greatest military commander of all times(ancient &modern), Read Hannibal on his campaign fight against Rome.

It a nice documentary by the history channel and if you will find it interesting also look for- People who built america.

I would also recommend Texas Rising exhilarating and with very long episodes (six).

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in my Opinion, The fast I agree is
1.HANNIBAL the great, heald Rome Siege for almost 13years after swearing to his father that Rome would always be an enemy, at that time he was very Young ( Africanus managed the last Cathegenian war)
2. SPARTACUS, a threcian who served in the Roman Auxiliaries and later became a slave, learnt very well about Rome inside around Capua
3. Alaric, the Visigoth king who lead to ruins, the falling and the suck of Rome
4. Artila the hun, but huyu sio sana
Kwangu ni hawa tu mi natambua mamboize sumbua

kwani kuna mtu ana argue?

hapana, just an opinion buda, so that our scope just does not kwama hapo kwa the mentioned ones… NO OFFENSE

nice. ni wapi tao one can get raw movies/series…i mean zile haziko in dvd format…say .mkv or .mp4? cc @byro @Tommy Lee Sparta

Tao wapi? unajua kijiji ni kubwa…wengine wetu tuko Jupiter space!


Enda tu kwa hao wasee wa movies na USB drive yako. They sell each movie at 30 bob (soft copy).

Chunga virus(es)

Roots si mbaya either

hakunanga part two ya the men who build america

I watched Hannibal’s story on NTV sometime back, very captivating especially for one who enjoys history.