For college students and those who want to venture into entrepreneurship

Do you know what this is?
It’s called a PAYCHECK…

Do you know what happens when you bite it?
You get trapped and reeled in!

Do you know where most of your entrepreneurial dreams will end?
They will die!

It’s a slow painful death… like a fish out of water!

You will be decorated and covered with yummy “spices” and eaten!

To answer your question:

If you didn’t understand my analogy here the cold hard truth…

[li]You are a college student![/li][li]Like most students you know how to live with scarcity![/li][li]Like most students you know how to invest long sleepless nights solving projects![/li][li]Like most students, if something goes wrong you won’t end up homeless.[/li][li]Like most students today you don’t have much responsibilities — it’s just you![/li][/ul]
What happens when you get a job?

[li]You will feel “relaxed!”[/li][li]You will feel “safe!”[/li][li]You will feel “successful.”[/li][li]You will have your most basic needs “met.”[/li][li]You will now “deserve” to buy gadgets.[/li][li]You will now “deserve” to go traveling.[/li][li]You will now “deserve” to go party and dine out with friends.[/li][li]You will buy a car.[/li][li]You will get stuck with consumer debt.[/li][li]You will find time for love.[/li][li]You will get married.[/li][li]You will start a family.[/li][li]You are officially now in the “rat race!”[/li][/ul]
Do you really think you can get out of it?

[li]If you can — great![/li][li]PLEASE know that most people can’t![/li][/ul]
Get started today! The sooner the better!

Wacha turuke mwaka

Its a few hours away.

College graduate here. Maybe job brings ‘satisfaction’. But being un-employed is stressful as hell.

What do you do when you have nothing but education in your hand.No capital, no nothing.

22 - 27 is the best window for trying out business. After that life becomes too complicated.

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