for arsenal eyes

thinking of our beloved team, a long way to go and alot of things to do as a team. i remember last year when barca played bayern all was fun in the 75 minutes played and bayern had sort of nearly called it a draw at nou camp bt noooo way the 76th minute they were shown that we are at the 1st minute of play messi scored and added another (cc boateng slip into the blackhole) that showed that barca dont get tired as an opponent would think,rumours have it that during the pre season barca train more on speedwork this makes them more fit to last a whole 90min.just from seeing the clip where we thrashed those guys 2-1 at home with a very makeshift team akina traore na eboue,yes TRAORE(dont know where he is playing at right now)so how many players have barca bought ever since??(world class) how many coaches have they had since that year??(we all know what change in a coach means) three years ago I listened to an English pundit and said that arsenal could be at the top winning big cups with little addition of quality can arsenal improve? cause its same jungle same animal… mtu asiniulize nimeandika thread mapema ivi. enjoy this video of boateng’s slip…

Consistency ndio tunakosa, even in a single game kama, a little lack of concentration and you are screwed.

year in year out?? kwani ni kurogwa ama??

Hehehehe Serre!!! you draw with hull and hope to beat Barca?


doing the same thing over and over and expecting different…mnahitaji maarifa mapya…

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Rested big players for Hull so as to beat Barca?
Wenger out!


Wenger will never win the Champions League

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morning mutiso?

poa Gachui

The only best change for arsenal is change of guard

Ramsey anaenda mbele sana leaving the defence exposed and his passing is not good enough. Though Barca was the better team by far. English teams haziwezani na champions league.

defensive midfielders, strikers. same old.
And why not give up on champions league, FA cup and concentrate on the league? cos next season with Pep at city, Conte at Chelsea and mourinho at Man U… arsenal will be battling for 4th with kina spurs and Leicester

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Those coaches you’ve mentioned will find it rough in the league because TV rights earnings are expected to increase by a big margin na some of those big teams have to rebuild. Virtually all teams will have cash to spend on new signings. So, Conte and Guardiola might face a tougher job than even Pochettino and Wenger.

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latest word’s that that project’s a nonstarter…

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Mafala za ile team ilichapwa na midtjylland walingoja hii game ungefikiri ni team yao inacheza. Talk of finding joy when yr neiba fails.

All teams would appear to be average when facing Barca… they have a philosophy and also quality players , its very hard to compete with them

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No lie lakini watu wa arsenal wamekorogewa and they are clueless like headless chickens.

hmmm. what philosophy is that, pray tell?..

In the first half the away team had like 500 complete passes and a 70% ball possession whereas the home team had like 200 passes and still at 2-0 with 10 mins to play they were still charging forward infact at no time did i see them trying to hold the ball at the corner posts like most teams do

I see. i believe every team’s success depends on their reading of their opponent’s abilities and adapting their tactics to exploit their weaknesses…Arsenal has for long lacked the mental capacity to hold their own when faced with a “big” game. like last night there was a palpable aura of denja vu that extended even to fanhood…they were beaten even before the game began…