For A Good While There Was Talk Of Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump’s meeting with North Korea was, like everything Trump, ‘failed summit’ that was ‘all about show’ : a "doomed to failure.” Leon Panetta

Leon Panetta told “This Week” Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz in an exclusive interview aired Sunday that the June summit between Trump and the North Korean leader was “all about show.”

“The problem is that in many ways it was doomed to failure from the beginning because there was never the preparatory work that has to be done prior to a summit meeting," Panetta said about the meeting between the two leaders in Singapore. “They shook hands; they exchanged words.”

“When the balloons went away, when the confetti went away, there was nothing there to require the North Koreans to do what was necessary in order to denuclearize,” Panetta said on “This Week.”

That meeting was wholly controlled by Kim Jong-Un. Together with the side shows and theatrics. He was bringing attention to himself.

Drumpf is so daft that he thought he was in charge.

In the same way, he allowed Putin to polish himself during their summit. That one was terrible because Orangeface was drooling and groveling in supplication as the cameras rolled, denigrating his own security organs.

Trump-Putin meeting reactions: 'Russia is not our ally', says Paul Ryan – as it happened | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Did that Paneta man just say that obama had no concrete plan whatsoever concerning Afghanistan? But that was in fact Obama’s main campaign promise: a strategy to pull soldiers out of Afghanistan and leave the place in peace AKA Change we can believe in…

Kumbe it was all hot air, just mere words to get the presidency?

That’s not a small accusation coming from Obama’s former defence secretary and CIA man.

“Hatukuwa na plan ilikuwa tu kifunga macho. We did not even have a plan of how to exit Afghanistan. We were clueless and just buying time.”

This Hillary-Obama axis were just thugs. Na pesa walitumia kufanya nini basi??

kutuma jeshi ingine tena,

About North Korea those were huge strides. Rome was not built in a day. It is a process and Trump has started it. If Kim jong Un didn’t trust Trump why send his sister to start the process in the first place?

North Korea can’t change in a single day. Kim jong Un I believe is now looking inwards: What can he realistically give?

He has the toughest job in the room: to give and not look weak at the same time.

About giving Trump a Nobel peace prize, it’s understandable. We know wanaskia ni ngumu. Which is okay. Sio lazima. The nod was sufficient enough.

Trump is a good man. Despite his falling out with McCain ameitikia jamaa apewe a funeral with full honours almost like a president. I imagine McCain’s family appreciate that bit.

Kim Jong un is a young man but way smarter than the orange-faced buffoon…
And he’s well aware, the day he clears his doomsday stockpile, is the America will come for his head…

It is also quite apparent that kim jong un wants to turn North Korea into an economic powerhouse almost similar to China.

That’s why Trump came carrying videos of what north Korea can become. The south Koreans are also targeting the tourism potential in north Korea.

Will kim jong un give in and copy the Chinese model of capitalist markets but with a socialist govt.?

Power is nothing without money. Trump was using this as a form of leverage: “If you take away the nukes you get whatever the fuck you want.”

Will China accept another socialist economic superpower so close next door or will they consider them just another lucrative market? Time will tell.