Ati majority of fools in luo come from siaya?not my words but Alai’s


Anything that is a conclusion must be backed up by statistics…


Hi Wong …hw are you

I thought you don’t take anything Alai says seriously?

Fellow billionaire, any chance you can stop the stereotyping and racial profiling , should it always be Luos this or Kikuyus this. am very sure bulk of your clientele in your chain of butcheries are not all shiny eyes


siku hizi amekuwa beshte,wajaluo wako na machungu na yeye sana na nyote munajua anybody anti babuon is my friend

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i am only anti babuon not anti luos,

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Fair enough, kuna swali umeuliswa pale Juu. Butchery yako unauzia shinny eyes peke?

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niko poa,only dry spell itaniua

Pole sana na ni Friday , ukweda wifage na shiny eyes moja huko kwa butchery

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s wewei ni broker?nibrokie nini

Sawa nitakutaftie moja wa gikambura :rolleyes::rolleyes: deal?

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if only you were not my brother i would suck those balls till you call babas name and speak in tongues…[SIZE=2]read kijaruo…:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]


he he…woi mami i jana hukusaidika


:D:D:D:D:D:D i was sorted but threshold not met…

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good morning to you too sir…how do you do this morning?

Ok, and thankful to the almighty.

Dont tell the villagers of my shortcomings
(pun intended)

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