Foolish feminists


Siku hizi hata kuitisha bibi glass ya maji they say you are enslaving them, since "you also got hands and you too can serve yourself.

Hii ni umeffi. Bibi akileta hii upuzi you marry another wife. Young soft prewall meat to send a message you are the head of that kingdom. Akileta nyef nyeft you send her back home.

Ya marry your house girl to punish wife

For a man we value our peace of mind after nutting in the wet crevices. Hio kelele ingine Bibi apelekee Twitter.

Only fools think this way, in both politics and sex. You must live in a bizarre, opaque mental universe to imagine you are hurting someone else by wrecking your own life

@Wanaruona ona Lionheart anasema you shouldn’t cut your nose to spite your face . don’t marry househelp solve your deficits sensibly

you both tired after Coming from work just prepare some tea as a man mkunywe pamoja

Are you another female asshole??? Who paid dowry for the other?

lol man pays dowry but not so as to be served by his wife but to appreciate parents inlaw for giving away their daughter

It is called kùgùra for a reason

FEMINAZI chronicles… same woman atatafuta fellow female akuwe mboch. Hata FEMINAZI battalion inasumbuliwa na capitalistic tendencies na class wars :smiley:

To all female feminazis: never trust a male feminazi, most of them are just looking for sex:D.

Facts# women deep down after giving birth prefer a ‘mboch’ to a hubby thats misbehaving, but can only say this in chamas. he can pay sch fees from his new homestead, the brothels. no one wants a problem ata sio feminism

You marry your house girl to fill rank and file, sasa kama umechoka pia unaeza choka kwa nyumba yako peke yako mboch akifanya yale yaliyo kushinda.

You have a point. @Lionheart is a feminazi sometimes. He wants to sleep with TrumanCapote.

I once got into a habit of kujitengenezea tumbukiza nikiwa kwa nyumba na niko na time after wife started misbehaving. Natengeneza kitu swafi sana but najaza ndani pilipili. No one rides on my back. By saa tano kitu iko ready. Nashindia hapo the whole day. Wanaume waanze.kujifunza kujipikia. I am working on a mancave kwa farm with a kitchenette. Plan yangu ni nikiamka asubuhi napotelea huko mpaka jioni.

I’d marry the housegirl if she’s submissive, at that point I really don’t care what happens to the ex wife… I’m not “punishing her”, I’m just filling a vacancy in my life

The primary responsibility of a wife is to help her husband and take care of the children and house. Hii maneno ya she’s too tired to fulfil her core duties doesn’t make any sense to me

You should be strapped to a table and flayed. Don’t taint my good name, and @TrumanCapote 's.