food prices

In order to lower food prices in Kenya everyone with an arable land should strive to produce some foodstuffs even if it’s only for his/her household consumption only,hii mambo ya kutegemea others to produce foodstuffs for you and you want to dictate the prices lazima ikome,eg kisumu county produce only 37% of milk consumed there,63% they outsource

peasant/smallholding farming is very inefficient


It’s better than not doing anything


Uliambia vizuri sana, tafuta Kamisi.

Huku ni ploti na magari tunang’ang’ana kununua

Chakula itatoka wapi?do you know what African suffer from? Foolishness my friend

Sawa, white man!

You don’t have to be a whiteman to see ape like black people stupidity

It’s a bit long but this provides some valuable insight. Take some time and read through:


Click on ‘see more’.


Unfortunately that is all some people have.

@Luther12 that is a good read. But do Kenyans have time to spare to indulge in meaningful debate like the one above? Their minds are set. That’s the tragedy.

Kisumu County is not ideal for dairy farming, may be the cooler areas towards Maseno.

this food price fiasco will sway the uhuruto vote if it continues in the same manner …that one i promise

Its not a problem brought by scarcity my friends shida ni cartels.chakula iko walaji not consumers ndio wengi.

No one wants to ask the hard questions and, more importantly, fix the mess.