Food For Thought

Traffic jams are a huge problem in Nairobi. Contrary to common belief, matatus are not responsible for the traffic jams. In fact, they are part of the solution. Traffic jams can be solved with the stroke of the pen. Ban all vehicles below 3000cc except Toyota Hiace long wheelbase from accessing the CBD. That would effectively force the middle class to use matatus (high capacity vehicles), or use alternative routes that circumvent the CBD. They can make exceptions for pick-ups to transport goods to businesses.

Middle class i.e. most talkers here, are the main cause of traffic jams. It is always that one guy in a subaru/premio/wish/probox/vitz/note that causes snarl-ups.

This post will be very unpopular but the truth hurts.

#change my mind.

How’s this a solution?

If we had a functional & effective public transportation system there would be no cause to buy small cars.

It removes 50%+1 vehicles from the CBD.

Haven’t addressed the root issue of why people opt to drive into town, as @Exodus has said

They drive into town because they can afford it.

They would still drive their jalopies, but instead of driving through the CBD they would use the bypasses.

Time factor?

Use the bus. You still waste time in traffic jams anyway so your time is not that important.

You’re thinking in a very myopic way. If you have a meeting in town during off peak hours, you walk to a bus station ngoja ijae then go dropping off-picking passengers while you can be in town in less than 20 minutes in your car?

Before watu wakuje hapa na retarded ideas , here’s some facts
60 % walk to work
35 % Use public means
5 % use private cars .

35% use high capacity public transport
5% use very low capacity private cars

Check the photos below. Tutumie akili tafadhali. You don’t need to be a genius to know that one 33 seater bus will eliminate a maximum of 33 cars from the road.

Let’s assume that the average private car has two occupants i.e the driver and his friend. One 33 seater bus will eliminate 16 personal vehicles from the CBD.

The photos below speak for themselves. Sometimes watu hublame peasants bure.


Tumia akili and address the time factor as pointed out. The trains are much more predictable in time to ±5 minutes unlike matatu

As I said before, this post will be very unpopular with the middle class because it pins the blame of traffic jams on you. Do what you would have done if you didn’t have that car. That is the solution. You used to arrive on time for meetings when you were a student on attachment. Now suddenly its impossible?? Leave your house earlier to catch the bus or level up and buy a vehicle above 3000cc.

There is a price to be paid for solving the traffic jam problem. That price is forcing the middle class (who are responsible for the traffic jam anyway) to use public transport. Time is not an issue because the same bonobos used to make it on time for meetings before they bought cars. That’s a lame excuse because you want to avoid the inconvenience.

Revenue angle to Nairobi county? Will Sajaka accept losing so much money?

Again, you think in a very myopic way. I waste 2 hours going to a meeting, 2 hours back to my office… And a car will take all of just 1 hour? Think before spewing pseudowisdom and calling it painful truth. And as you grow older, your time becomes more valuable.

Again, you expose your low IQ. If all cars below 3000cc are banned, there will be no traffic jams. You wont waste 2 hours anymore when using public transport. Secondly, you used to arrive on time for interviews before buying that car so hii yako ni maringo tuu because you don’t want to pay the price by having to leave earlier.

You want to solve the traffic jam problem without paying the price and that’s never going to happen. Unafikiria vile utaingia your 1800cc car and drive straight to town bila jam mahali i.e. you want the problem to disappear on its own without making any personal sacrifices.

Your foolishness really knows no bounds. I leave my office for a mid morning meeting, walk so far to the stage, ningoje gari ijae, iende dropping and picking passengers then drops me off at a stage far from my meeting point? You’re still a kid who needs time to grow. And realize the value of time and inconveniences to your time

Traffic problems don’t care about your personal issues. Hapa sio feelings. I tell you the truth and I don’t care whether you will like it. If you want to solve the traffic jam problem you will have to accept using public transport. Na hii maringo ya kujifanya as if you are the only person who has important shit to do unafaa uache. If the shit you do was so important you would afford a 3000cc vehicle to drive to work. Its funny how you automatically assume that people who use matatus don’t have meetings like you. You are not special gathee.

Hii yote ni ujinga ya hali ya juu. If you left me out in my 2700cc double cab and allowed the other guy in a 3300cc double cab to pass, dont you think i will rise very early and go to court on a human rights issue basis?

Already nimesema this is the correct decision but it would have the middle class bitching and crying like babies. It is the only way of solving the traffic jam mess in the CBD. Someone has to pay and that person is the middle class because they are responsible for the traffic jam anyway. The correct decisions are usually unpopular because people always want to eat their cake and have it.

You can’t have every Kamau, Otieno, and Kemboi with personal cars in the CBD and expect to solve the traffic jam problem.