Food and lies

We must learn to cook or eat mostly home cooked food to stay healthy. Aggressive marketing has made eating out so convenient for us even though most of the fast foods and foods eaten out of home are no’t as healthy as home cooked food. The food industry has done a great job of convincing people that companies and business entities can cook better than we can. The problem is, it’s simply not true.


Ya kibanda ni karibu na ya home.

unaongelelea chakula saii asubui?

When men start talking food every time all the time, and they are not chefs,iko chida!!! chida KUBWA!

Baaana! wakinenepa unaskia ati recommendable gymnasium around town etc

Youre right;
Its all about culture.I made a regimen of preparing all my meals in the morning.then dividing into three and walking around with food all the times.
Healthy eating is a choice

It’s all because fast world. We don’t eat normal food because we are afraid of loosing our time.