Folly oy youth, fignting over pu**y

Watoto wa Nyayo Estate. Anarusha ngumi kama anahepa.

wapi the rest !

Hio pia hukuanga strategy -preempting your opponent before he makes the first strike

Ukiona ghaseer iko kwa confrontation na inaangalia kando, that’s a cue that he’s about to strike. Ni vile tu this particular one is a bitch ass nigga.

Hii vita lazima itaendelea. Funny though when I was growing up, I don’t rem any person in my hood fighting over a gal. Times have changed.

Cat fight

Bitches everywhere. The last thing I will ever fight for is a girl. Not gonna happen. You fight over a bitch whos getting screwed hard somewhere by @Agwambo.

Mnyama, ni Christmas.Hatuezi heshimiana kidogo tu at least Christmas iishe?