Following the Bible

Sometimes I come across passages in the Bible, which if Christians followed, interreligious relations with muslims would be more fluid.

Like this one here:


If you have interacted with muslims, one thing that comes forward fast, is the resignation to Qadar or divine decree or divine destiny.

This verse supports this.

If only Christians followed.

Caveat: the concept of heavenly father is flawed.


I like that bit about today’s problems being enough for today…

What makes you think that the rest of the verses are correct and point out that “heavenly Father” is flawed??

God does not beget

That’s what you have been told and taught over and over again. But, He did, of course not Biologically but by His power, He did.

This is completely ridiculous. So it is only unbelievers who go hungry in this world?

The concept of resignation to divine whatever is highly flawed. It discourages rational thinking and encourages fanaticism.


[SIZE=5]ni kitabu umekosa ya kusoma ? or u are a fan of fiction ?[/SIZE]

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