Flying squad dismantled, SSI and SUSU to replace them.

With effect from today, the Unit has equally been disbanded. This marks the end of the Flying Squad Unit & no officer will present himself or herself to the public as such. Equally, the Special Crime Prevention Unit (SCPU) has been scaled down to a smaller unit only based…

…at Headquarters, Nairobi. It has been renamed Special Service Unit (SSU). Officers deployed in the unit have undergone intense training in & outside the country leading to upgrading of their competencies, enhanced skills & knowledge aimed at making the Unit more effective…

…& efficient while maximising on the available resources. To replace the Flying Squad and create an auxiliary support team on identified, researched and profiled crimes, another squad has been formed and named “STING SQUAD HEADQUARTERS” (SSH) that will have a maximum of 50 .

…specialized trained officers who will respond to specific cases. The cases include; armed robberies, kidnappings, motor vehicle theft, sale & distribution of contraband and substandard goods. Before they are assembled, the competitively selected officers will undertake …

…specialized courses within & outside the country touching on their core areas of operation. Both Squads (SSU) and (SSH) will be linked directly to the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) for intelligence driven operations alongside other augmenting Units including;

Cybercrime, Ballistics, Scenes of Crime, Principal Crime Registrar, Crime Intelligence Unit, Homicide, (DNA, Toxicological, Chemistry and Biology Lab Units), currently being installed in the Ultra-Modern Forensic Laboratory.

Hii ni kelele, the KAZ subaru’s will still be around with their ugly occupants

Disbanded chief

Kicking ass and keeping you safe per norm

:D:D:D hizi forester/outback zinaisha na Y ama P huwa wanaume wanne wana sura mbaya

London pia