Flying Death Traps: Mil Mi17, It Is Time We Upgraded

These ancient Russian machines need to be replaced ASAP



Enyewe these aging coffins have claimed many Africans and poor Asian soldiers

What are the fatalities in Kenya ?

Kwani zinadondoka kila siku

“We” will upgrade when the VIPs that use them crash and die in one.

Here is the Osprey, aka The Widowmaker. High-tech in all aspect.



Why the name Widowmaker ?

People call it the “widow maker” because of a series of fatal crashes during its production. Historically, though, the Osprey’s proven to be safer than many aircraft, and until recently, I’ve felt lucky it’s what Tom flies. I didn’t worry like my friends whose husbands fly F/A-18s.

Upgrade to what though?
This is a country that can barely run public universities competently, much less manage Russian made helicopters that its armed forces use.

And on top of that, the user list of the Mil-17 list is fairly long. One might say its the most popular helicopter in the world.

List of Mil Mi-8/17 operators - Wikipedia

In another thread tena mnapinduka about turn and start swearing that Russia builds the best technology!

@Ndindu kwanza wewe ni ng’ombe sana. But I understand you are trolling.

Na mbona hamtaki ndege za CHINA ???