Flying Coffin Boeing Diverted After Toilet Overflows Into Passenger Cabin

The aircraft operated by United Airlines was en route to the US from Germany

A United Airlines Boeing 777 traveling from Frankfurt to San Francisco was forced to make a U-turn around two hours into its flight on Friday, after a toilet malfunctioned and began leaking into the cabin.

The aircraft circled over the North Sea as the cabin crew tried to fix the problem, although their efforts were unsuccessful, prompting the pilots to return to Germany.

The flight experienced “a maintenance issue pertaining to the lavatory,” a United spokesperson told The Sun, adding that the passengers had been accommodated overnight and rescheduled for travel the following day.



Useless News considering flight statistics per day.

  1. US Commercial flight carriers are currently conducting about 5,670 passenger flights daily . Roughly 100,000 flights take off and land every day all over the globe. Say the average length of a flight is two hours; that would mean that six million people fly somewhere every day.

  2. United Airlines and United Express operate an average of nearly 5,000 flights a day to 342 airports across six continents.


Hawangefungulia tap hio maffi ianguke kutoka ndegeini

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Hio ni shida ya United Airlines na maintenance vile inafanywa si makosa ya boeing. After boeing wamekupatia ndege its up to you as the airline to maintain it unless it has manufacturer defects. But mkiambiwa ni hii upussy ya DEI na ESG inamaliza American companies mnaona ni ujinga tunasema.


Tukisema boeing ni flying coffins folk dont believe us. Now they, @Some_Say, will say secretary blinken boeing had issues because the state department was not maintaining boeing vizuri?


Secretary Antony Blinken’s Boeing 737 out of Davos had a critical …


17 Jan 2024


Secretary of State Antony Blinken was forced to change planes to return to Washington from Davos after his plane suffered what the traveling press was told was a critical failure related to an oxygen leak.

Blinken and the traveling party boarded the modified Boeing 737 jet in Zurich on Wednesday after a day and a half of meetings at the global summit in Davos.

The plane suffered the issue after boarding and the party was forced to deplane, according to traveling press.

There is something hatuambiwi juu hii risto ya kublame Boeing is sinister. Hata nashindwa mbona mainstream media Yuess hawaangalii maintenance ya ndege by the airlines ndio wachambue hii risto poa but no wonder mainstream media is dying a slow painful death

But ni ukweli. Ukiona hata fakenews lamestream media wanasema boeing ni death traps then it means they can no longer whitewash it. Zote zinakufa pamoja. Kufa dereva kufa makanga - boeing and fakenews media.

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No News here. :crazy_face: