flowers of hope: kissing the colonizers

I hope civil servants particularly those in security forces on the frontline and medics have received a personalized message from the “prince”’ or they’re being forced to contribute to the covid kitty?
kenya sent. flowers to U.K., which is not a bad thing, I hope kepsa and the committee are preparing something for their slaves and voting machines in solidarity this hard times.

@langatkipro more reasons dynasties should fall, afadhali William, .

its called taking care of your customers feelings …nothing wrong…

If you pay attention to this lady for 30 minutes you will understand why our leaders behave ther way they do

Dynasties watatunyonya mpaka tunyonyeke vizuri. They will tafuna us vizuri into pieces if they manage to take over in 2022 the way these guys are plotting and we will be their slaves forever. The first step towards making Kenya a better country is getting rid of dynasties. Ruto might not be a good person i mean but he is far much better than the state and political capture being plotted by the dynasties

William ni namba moja

Ruto might be a thief and land grabber but given a choice between him and dynasties only, I would vote for him.

that is another dynasty loading…

Flowers to UK?? From Kenya with love…ooops… Misplaced priorities!! But that’s not unusual with our half brain leaders.

Private donation by private companies to their customers.

Uk has over 20k corona related deaths. Flowers were for funeral wreaths

Beautiful video

kepsa has millions of customers in kenya, why don’t they also take care of their customers locally by for example selling basic common stuff like bread or milk even at half price for even just one weekend?..or Kenyans don’t have “feelings”?

So ni kama anawaambia tunajua mnakufa kwa wingi ama? Angetuma moja specifically for that queen biotch

Any African who hasn’t heard this message or a similar one has not attended the school of life yet.

You bonobos hamuezi saidiwa. Kenya is not exporting flowers for sale because of corona manenos, trading is currently on hold. Now the flower farms in Naivasha are full of flowers that would anyway overgrow/rot because of lack of demand. So why dont you just donate them to countries that appreciate flowers as a sign of love/gratitude/ care.

Jaribu kupeleka hizo maua Mbagathi ama KNH hospitals uone ile uproar itakuwa! Kwanza utaskia hiyo ni mtu amekula tender, tupatieni hiyo pesa, tuletee pombe instead etc etc. Somebody will get fired ndio mutulie. Stupid africans.

Exactly. Case closed.

And even if that pr backfires here in Kenya who cares. Kenyans have the memory of a warthog. They’ll have forgotten by monday.

Well ukiangalia tu vizuri
Hizo flowers zingeharibikia huku
Europe has been our market for flowers and many flower farms in kenya are European owned
Think in those lines

Wakenya wanapenda kulialia… Yet this may go a long way of showing gratitude to the buyers of our flowers

Hata mimi niliona hivyo jana. This guy and his entire extended family are major exporters of cut flowers, vegetables and other horticultural products as well as animal products. You have to show your customer that you give a fuck.

The same way Indian business owners are pretending to give a fuck to their local Kenyan customers. Giving some unga and blankets.

Now look at the local African landlords. Wengine walikuwa washaanza kukata maji ya nyumba to remind the tenant who is boss.
The tenant who is the customer has returned the favour. Amesema halipi.