Flower Farms Shafting Bonobos as Government Watches

they should quit those jobs. Everyone has shit to say until they’re unemployed



The buck stops with YOUR corrupt shareholder hustler leadership …
We should be sustainably growing Food to feed our people and for Export …
Leadership and Policies are lacking

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They will bring in foreigners to do the job and ppl will again complain that foreigners are taking their jobs and lowering salaries. We will never move as a country kama we have a large portion of population living hand to mouth. These companies need to pay salaries commensurate to what they r earning at the top.

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they didn’t even bother with kenyans hadi wakafanya maandamano. Those jobs belonged to ugandans for a long time. Wanalilia kazi wakipewa hawataki. There’s one thing I’ve come to discover about kenyans, they like complaining about jobs but they do not actually want to work.

Juzi I heard people, including MPs chiding ruto for his construction jobs. Ati watu wanataka kazi za ofisi. That makes no sense on face value, but kenyans are not logical creatures.

Juzi Ruto announced high quality jobs za nurses. Up to now he cannot find enough nurses to fill 5000 slots. The only ones applying are old retirees in their 50s. Kenyans do not actually want to work, they want to make it seem like the reason they are lazying about at home is because there is no work.

They do not want that 9-5 grind unless there is no other option. There is this weird fatty who lives with his mother who loves complaining he has no job. When he go a job he complained it was an entry level position. The nigga has never worked in his life, he has not done any continuing career courses in his life. He just uses it as an excuse to suck off his mama’s aging body.

Saa hii I promise you, go and take one of those cousins of yours who is languishi in the village juu hana kazi. Enda umlete nairobi ajitume. Don’t be surprised if the nigga wakes up at 11 Am for a month straight.


Anus lickers niaje ?

Nimetoka kulamba ass ya mamako.

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The Government has a choice …

  • allow “free market rules” and worker exploitation.
  • regulate compensation and deal with only ethical companies and investors.

Lots of ethical companies are willing to set up shop and take good care of their employees.

The problem is corrupt Government Officials and Regulators who want a cut of the action.
Ethical companies avoid setting up in such environments …

Some examples…

  • Starbucks
  • Nestle
  • Frito Lay
  • Walmart
  • Cotton Traders
  • Sports Goods and Health Foods processors
  • most EU Supermarket Chains

So …
Government Investment Promotion , Ministry of Labour , Trade Unions and Anti-Corruption concerned need to do their homework …:pensive:

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