Flossin Mauwano

Meet Flossin Mauwano

On roads and highways in Nairobi city, it is easy to spot the sign “Flossin Mauwano”.

Stephen Mule, aka Flossin Mauwano’s, iconic graffiti work always strategically painted on high walls, flyovers and lane barriers, has now found its way into other parts of the country, including Kisumu and Mombasa.

Mule’s work just like other street artworks have been met with various theories from simple tags of identity, to scrawled expressions of protests and politics to complex and beautiful scenes.

Flossin Mauwano has been associated with politicians, criminal gangs out to mark their territories, but others just think it is a bunch of idle youth trying to waste time or grab attention.

As mysterious as it sounds, the tag ‘Flossin Mauwano’ and its origin, has continued to baffle many Kenyans.

And even finding the man behind the ‘graffiti’ is a Herculean task to say the least.

The long search for this faceless artiste finally materialised recently at a coffee shop in Nairobi’s Central Business District, where I finally got to have a chat with him.
As we sip coffee, cars right outside our cafe excessively honk at each other and flout traffic rules as drivers make angry gestures.

It is rush hour and everybody wants to get home fast and by all means. The walkways are crowded by a sea of humanity.

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Long search, my ass!
We talked about this nigga in this forum kitambo, and concluded that he has or had nothing to offer.

Ni chizi wa kawaida

Amemhype sana unaeza fikiri ni banksy.
0% artistry.


hii ghasia ikashikwa ile fine inaeza pigwa na Kenhha

Ati iconic graffiti? The guy just writes his name in the worst handwriting possible. He should be arrested for defacing highways. Ghaseer yeye.

ata afadhali angebaki low key watu waendelee kujijazia hizo graffiti zake. Im sure the relevant authorities will be keen to see if he will paint another wall ndio wamtafute, now that they know who he is.

Huyu angoje kupewa two hot slaps na Kenha officials


peleka yeye na hizo spray paint hapa santorini ajienjoy once corona imemaliza hiii watuhttps://blog.hotelscombined.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Santorini.jpg

Mbona hii takataka ya mkamba inaharibu our buildings?

There’s already enough to arrest ,charge and fine him for his foolish scribbling.

ataambiwa arudi na mzazi na lita mia tano ya rangi