flossin mauwano

Who is this flossin mauwano nigga??
been seeing his name on almost all corners of Nairobi

Umehamia nairofi jusi


Alihama in style hukuona vitu alibuy…

He’s no longer anonymous. Tafuta yeye Twitter.


some dude that sings horrible songs but shares great memes haha

You gotta give it to him for his positive energy.
But he need to reduce the fangi intake. Never have i heard such outrageous responses before.
Fangi isiwe Hulu. Priss.

We exhausted many years ago

vadalism ndio inatwa talent?

it’s vandalism,do you know vandals were a tribe in europe in middle ages?

hii ni untidiness sijui mbona hajashikwa

Vijanaa tuache mihadarati