Floor tiles

I am in the process of renovating a certain house,and my point of concern is the floor.Most of the building I have been to,have this slippery tiles and am wondering whether one can get the same kind of tiles with a slightly rough texture and maintain their shiny lustre.

Anyone with idea of where one can go see,feel and make a choice

tembea hapo kijabe street, many stores selling all sorts of tiles

Iko pande gani

Check out this page https://m.facebook.com/LaminateFloorMasters/



Will find sometime during the weekend to visit the place

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These ones seems too smooth,they are doing it good though.

Visit URhomes along Msa rd just before Cabanas.
Quality and variety.

Kijabe is full of box-pushers with absolutely no interest in advising you. Tiles & Carpet Centre is staffed by arrogant, indifferent salesfolk who will treat you as though you came to beg.

Best bet? CTM on Ngong Rd. Near iHub. Their assortment is huge and inventories tracked electronically so that you never hear that ‘hizi zimeisha’ story. In the showroom, well-designed displays will inspire you, while the staff is knowledgable and willing to listen before helping you decide. If your order exceeds a certain threshold, free transport around NBO will be offered. I have done more than 3 projects with CTM products, never been disappointed.


Thank me when you complete.


yogi tiles on kijabe road, you wont be dissapointed, got this ones in dec


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and the most corrupt in this country, normally they will get huge contracts and they steal the left overs from the company and sell them in the black market, if you dont mind getting receipt with someone else’s name then run there, you will probably get the tiles for a song, however with this form of underhand dealing, you will end up with different types of tiles :slight_smile:

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Tumia hizi laminates, especially kama wewe ni kijana na unapanga kufikishia threshold kwa floor. Laminates are less slippery and warmer. Tiles wachia wazee. If you insist on tiles, enda CTM vile umeshauriwa hapo juu.

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Ni za kuweka kwa nyumba ya my folks,that is why i don’t want the very slippery ones.Sitaki kuwe na watu kuanguka ovyo ovyo.I have visited CTM site and they seem to have the best.

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CTM… don’t even bother looking elsewhere but you can also try saj ceramics or variety flooring along Mombasa road kama bei italeta kinyoriro.

if its your folks place do laminate boards or parquet…

visit CTM. they will advice you and give you reasonable discount if their guys will do installation. actually i rate their work - 95% perfect.

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I would suggest laminates for your folks. They come out best when professionally done.

This will be done somewhere in Nakuru,I noted to get a good fundi in Nakuru is a tough task.Those referred to me when i look at their work I just shake my head.If I take your option,I will need to carry a fundi along for a fulfilling outcome


Nice idea I will consider it.

When recently exchanging the upper floor clothing and decided for vinyl flooring against laminate. Best choice as vinyl is a “silent” material compared to laminate - sound absorption is excellent. It is not slippery, has a maximum grip, resilient what one cannot say of laminate.

Told ya!! Since discovering them in 2012, I have stopped going to all the others. I could have given you a contact but he got promoted and is no longer on the floor.