Flipper Zero vs The giants

It was my understanding that Flipper Zero would aggregate all the simple tricks known to bypass most of the endpoint security measures, and true to its definition, it does. Flipper Zero is cracking fully protected Windows 11 for breakfast, and using MacOS as a mid-day snack, in an air-gapped/Standalone environment so sio ati ni packets zinaletwa through network or otherwise.

I recently received my ka gadget after the longest wait, I’m playing around with it. I realized kumbe ni Pie Zero inside on steroids and Red Bull.

Hata masoja hawana bahati, nafungua iyo boom barrier nikiwabali nakuja kama nimepata.

GitHub community is amazing as always, if you’ve worked with Pie Zero’s, BadUSB & deauther gadgets and code, then it should be easy to customize this one.

Only had I started tinkling with this thing then someone mentioned about a weird Hackrf one in the wild and how it was opening burglar proof doors with ease.
This thing here

It is not the usual Radio defined software gadget sold by kina Great Scott. Someone took the Original HackRF one and upped the ante.

Subaru peoples hii hapa

I’m told if you’re stuck in traffic with someone who has it, if they want to change your Radio station then it’s at their discretion. Anything that is controlled or receives instructions through wireless networks isn’t safe (I’m now thinking, What can I do to mobile phones with this thing?). Remote car locks, Car alarm ikilia hii stuff inatafuta frequency ya kuzima iyo kitu in seconds. Mlisema VW & Mercedes key fob hua German made and nothing can break it? Kuna code pale GitHub, more enhanced in one of the Reddit pages that bypasses a one time encrypted signal in the Replay attack, gari ikiwa Push start then it’s Gone in seconds, heri Sasa ya kifunguo.

Ndio hizo Replay attacks

Someone said SMS intercept? Easy. WiFi network, usual FM, AM, Walkie Talkies za magava, stuff that would make Johntez adi Gaza get a wet dream tonight.
I think I now want it. It comes at a fraction of what the Govt Intelligence agency, NIS uses for IMSI catcher. Pale Amazon bei ni thao fotefae, in comparison, IMSI catcher is mostly sold only to Govts, bei ni ya new Premio import for one gadget.
For educational and personal reasons only, kina Pamba wasianze ufala zao hapa

Nice, mentee wa Kevin Mitnick the late. This is unrelated to the above but I’d appreciate some expert guidance. Corporate world iko aje in KE? I was considering pursuing a CEH then move on to a CSO. What are your thoughts on that? Ukiweza pia point me to resources za beginners in this field. Grey hat.

Just before Kevo died, Kuna hack flani aliweka pale YouTube ya Session Hijacking, using BadUSB cable, ilikua safi sana. And yet this ninja spent a whole lot more years in prison with a restriction to touching anything that is considered computing resources. He walked out of the cage and owned the Cybersecurity space

Sawa aiseeh. I’ve watched a number of his videos. Now, care to address my other questions about working in corporate? Or even consulting? Ama nikuwe bug bounty hunter nifanye freelance work? Is there a roadmap for noobs?

I’m the last person you’d come to for such advise, but Cybersecurity is one of the toughest courses you will ever do, it is not a walk in the park. But if you really want it, go for it, it rewards down the line, financially, ego, people’s secrets you name it.


I want to hack the Mkopa phone and stop paying. Guide me please

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That boy Trudeue banned Zero from Canada accusing it of being rhe tool of choice by car thieves, the claim was bullshit though.

HackerRf is still king compared to a zero. Its more of a parlor trick toy compared to HackerRF one.

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Yea Canada imepigwa marufuku, but people are dismantling and importing it in pieces, if you know the ingredients. Bora usishikwe nayo with it assembled.

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