Flats exceeding 5 floors without elevators

https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/32267-vacate-these-residential-flats-sonko-warns?amp HOW NOW?

@kah tony, you were right, zile heart attack zina come ni mob .

Fimbo chapaaaaa. I have started liking hii matunda ya tano tena

When you are heavily pregnant and living on a 6th floor, that is the time you will know the definition of a lift

This project is not under Mike Sonkos jurisdiction, iko Kwa Alfred Mutua.
The owner of these units if your ask him atakuambia he hasn’t built 6 floors but only 5 floors because the bottom units are ground flow.

Can you imagine having to carry mtungi ya gas ya 22Kg up to the 6th floor? Back injury can easily happen.

watu wako na pesa

mimi nilipenda kitambo. halafu leo raisi(let me address him well after stealing votes) has stated he is willing to have less friends in the name of fighting corruption. Im waiting for Taj mall iguswe then ill know people are serious.

If this continues i wont mind changing constitution to pea baba na uhuru tano ingine …meanwhile mimi hapana tambua takataka mashamba . I know @Mrs Shosho will disagree with me on this

I voted for sonko and baba
Sande sanaaa

Kayole na paipu si nyumba zitabomolewa zote?

I always advocate the encourage of rules of law and development. Of course they will rush to put up the elevators… But am sure most will not be of use. I have always state you want such, set up incentives that encourages developers and investors in doing so. When you create force or punitive regulations they tend to reduce or drive away such. Remember Nairobi continues to compete with other cities around.

so as a woman of sound mind (benefit of doubt) you hadn’t foreseen that predicament??

There a

There are times of desperation

Its safer to build 4 or 5 storeys. Pia zile buildings za before which are less than 5 storeys in CBD zitabomolewa

And all buildings(high rise) should be friendly to all persons including those with disabilities

I reside on the 10th floor.

Do you use an elevator?


Yes hun