Flat Tummy Muhimu


Retards gonna tard.

99% women lying on their backs have flat tummies please be specific at what position otherwise inexperience yako peleka huko…

what about this[ATTACH=full]374689[/ATTACH]

Illogical thesis attempting to link flat stomach with virginity.

The correlation between virginity and tummies is statistically insignificant at 99% level of confidence. The hypothesis is therefore rejected.

Pure Unadulterated UMEFFI


:smiley: the sperm swell like a balloon

flat tummy lazima and its not negotiable feminist post menopause roto tanks kama @Coronatities @TrumanCapote wanunue cucumbers

Bwahahaha wapi that pic which @patco posts ya roto tank yako? Imagine having the balls to call someone else a roto tank when that pic is the reality you live. :smiley:


Ongeza nyanyako @Finest wine kwa hio list ghassia ya kayole hii.

Right on time:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Kwani @patco ni @Coronatities ?:oops::eek:

Malisaa hiyo ghasia :D:D:D

This has got to be the dumbest individual on earth.

Jolene is willing to pay dearly for it…

Sunday, 18 July 2021 – Former Tahidi High actress, Jacque Matubia, popularly known as Jolene, has undergone fat freezing as she desperately tries to get a flat tummy.

The renowned actress and TV host posted a photo on her Instagram stories undergoing the process, which cost Ksh 20,000 per session.

She will go for 7 sessions and if you do the maths, she will spend Ksh 140,000 to get the flat tummy.

Jolene has been a victim of body shaming and perhaps that’s why she has decided to go an extra mile in pursuit of a flat tummy.


Bibi ya Uwesmakende ni flat tummy


Completely flat tummy is impossible for women. This is because of the presence of female reproductive organs. Lazma kuwe na bump kidogo especially on the lower part.
If you see completely flat tummy for women, surgery has been done