Flat Earth

wall of ice

A flat earth thinker is no different to a person who votes for a thieving, murderous and tribal politicial saying," Huyo ni mtu wetu." Both groups are afraid of using their brains

only in ktalk, from UOTP and RWNBP, to round earth and flat earth. take a stand.

tiga wana mani nekee mani wee , ghasia "

Earth is Flat. You should know that

swali moja tu. Watu wa australia au china wakienda usa si basi wangekuwa wakifly above africa if it was indeed flat

:D:D:D More so for a whole chief living at the coast… So ships fall over the edge when they disappear at the horizon??

A real billionaire just launched a sports car into space with a dummy in a space suit in the drivers seat where it will join other bodies in revolving around the sun for billions of years.
And for what reason would anyone want to do that?
Just to prove that he can.

First things First have you been from Australia to USA via Plane?

Thats what i want this thinkers to explain


open your mind a bit and you will see the true reality

Thank you for this good reminder.talking about ships and water,if the earth is a globe,ile maji iko izo Sides za chini si itamwagika?I mean,can water be just suspended in air or is water sticky/glued to the earth? please answer me.if you cannot answer me,then the earth is flat

The Earth is flat thing has been trending lately. It’s another time wasting debate that means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Are you a multi-handler like @uwesmake ?

If you can’t see why it’s important you’re already lost.

This is the real earth map. Antarctica however is a wall not a continent.

The earth is flat…those who can’t see or accept it are victims of “cognitive dissonance”…
The round earth even has no solid proofs…and if you consider those who support it…they are never there to seek the truth…they just want to win arguments. Even the language & the way they communicate shows it.