Flat Earth

Been round the earth and have seen the four corners of the world, now just waiting for it to be rolled up like a scroll

When Franco was still francis…:D:D:D

Before Gulliver was born

Before I joined ktalk

Fact: The Earth Is FLAT. period!

Thanks, we are many!

I hope hautaki kuanza mambo ya flat earth, if you do that we will stop being friends

Village sponsor mzima kama wewe unaamini the earth is flat na huna aibu watu kama nyinyi wanahitaji kutuangwa makofi



Hehehe, here we go

sasa chief nini?hii ni maneno gani sasa?

I have land at the corner. we dump trash over the edge. nairobi should be rebuilt on that corner and I am ready to donate land. We can then solve the trash problem. …and capital offenders can just be run off the cliff. so many problems solved.

Tukichapa Konyagi na Galileo Galilee pare pare

Want to join this society once they prove beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt that we live on a flat plain

oh really? they are going to say the earth is one huge flying saucer ([SIZE=3]with an engine and green aliens at the core[/SIZE]) and we have all been abducted are being transported to an alien galaxy :D:D:D:D

if it was flat then from Rusia to USA one would have to fly over the UK

Ama huko shini

I see the flat earth movement is getting famous AROUND the GLOBE!

pun intended…

The earth is flat.thank you