Flashing with Lollipop themed custom ROM based on Kitkat -is it worth it?

I want to flash my phone with a Lollipop themed custom ROM based on Kitkat. The thing is my phone already has KitKAt…what would be the added value of flashing with such a ROM? Educate me please…

What do you mean, “Lollipop themed custom ROM based on Kitkat?”

I think he means the Kitkat custom rom looks like a Lollipop rom appearance-wise.

Si aweke to a Lollipop rom. Watu wanaenda Caanan na yeye anarudi Misri

unfortunately my phone has no Lollipop ROM available out there… have googled.

Izza bruh. Then flash it. Unangojea firimbi?

sweet tooth activated


you go ahead but uchunge hizo maboot loops

What phone is this tukusaidie

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