Flashdisk ikisema write protected

Mlisema flash disk ikianza kusema write protected every time you try to copy something thats the end of it ama kuna solution?



if the message is not as a result of a broken flash drive (silly, but that also causing the same error), go to storeddevicepolicies and change writeprotection from 1 to 0.

if its a result of disk error, you might want to try a low level format (raw it then fat it ) , else just throw it down the long drop

It means the govt has not yet withdrawn your security details

:eek:ka 32GB kataenda tu hivo. Still new:(

32gb ni kubwa:D je ingekua hard drive ya 1tb si ungeanza “Serikali Tafadhali…”

I lost ya 150 gb savaged from an old laptop. It just stopped reading in any comp. I almost dropped a tear

It is Transcend USB 2.0 by any chance? I find those particularly problematic.

Not you alone.

Nope. Hizo ni sumbua…
Ni hii aina…

Hii kwanza ndio meffi kabisa. I had a 2gb said the same thing. Niliichoma



You should that logo represented the analogue data and digital data forms reapectively

Encountered same problem. with hp flash drive. droped it in water.